Accreditation of branch, representative office

     30 slave.days from 40000 RUB.


      The price includes: 
-preparation, submission and receipt of documents under power of attorney;
-obtaining the certificate on statement on the tax account;
-obtaining statistics codes;
-manufacture of printing;
-obtaining evidence from extra-budgetary funds.



        The price does not include:
        -consular fees;
  ***- state tax 
          -notary fees
-translation services


***For the accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies established in the territory of the Russian Federation, paid a state duty of 120,000 rubles for each branch, for each mission (paragraph 5 of article 333.33 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation

For more information on accreditation of foreign representative offices and branches


-Providing a registered office 1-2 days From 12000 RUB.
The cost depends on the owner of the premises, rooms, on and other parameters


       -Opening a Bank account 1 day 5000 RUB included:

       -preparation of documents;


       -support supervisor in the Bank;


      -receiving documents;


      -notification of account opening

                  Additional conventional printing
                    1 day - 500 RUB.

                 Additional printing on the machine
                   1 day was 1000 RUB.

The cost of the service performances for accreditation of foreign representative office/branch