The storage of fruits and vegetables is a challenge in itself and requires a comprehensive approach.
        Well if your own warehouse capacities allow to cope with the volume of supply, but what to do if their warehouses are not enough?
       We provide the widest range of warehousing services which involves the storage of vegetables and fruits. We work with any batches of goods, with small businesses and large firms.

        Our warehouse is located conveniently not only for doing business in the Eastern capital, but also to anyone who is outside Moscow and the Moscow region.
         Services that we offer:
 - stable and low prices for storage;
 - Assembly and packaging of orders;
 - competent and accurate documentation;

 -storage of fruits and vegetables in the required conditions.

Storage services for fruit companies

We will save You from
hassle !!!

      Unloading and loading products. We understand that vegetables and fruit are perishable product, and therefore the work of the movers packers will be as expeditious as possible. We also offer palletizing of goods, as well as any necessary containers – boxes, cartons, pallets, etc.
       Receiving and processing of agroproduktsii in the warehouse. Will draw up the necessary documents, will sort the vegetables and fruits, form the pallets, or pallets with products. will mark, if necessary, will paste stickers
      Storage. Vegetables and fruits will be stored on low-temperature warehouse will be constant monitoring of temperature inside and the actual product.
      Weight restrictions and size of batch no, we offer different types of accommodation, depending on the varieties of vegetables and fruits:

   1.Outdoor placement
   2. Pallet placement and placement on pallets
    Assembly and picking orders in accordance with the received request from the client. Our staff also have experience picking orders for retailers.

     Important! Offering warehousing services, we fully understand and recognize the specificity of agricultural production, therefore provide maximum efficiency of work at all stages.

A full range of our services

Storage vegetable fruit 

Warehouse service

OUR GOAL is to assist in:

1. The establishment of a Branch, representative Offices, Subsidiary companies of Your company, with warehouses for realization of fruit-vegetable production in Moscow, Moscow region and regions of the Russian Federation.

2.Optimization and reduction of storage costs - the use of a full complex of warehouse services.

Our priorities at work are honesty, openness, integrity based on long-term relationships and mutual trust. Working with us You gain a reliable partner

Storage conditions at our warehouse

  1.The sanitary condition of all premises is maintained in perfect condition  the warehouse, set the required temperature for long-term storage of agricultural products.
  2. Video surveillance around the clock;
  3. All rooms are equipped with fire suppression system and alarm.
  4. Accept cash or Bank transferа.

  1. Quick and efficient teamwork, we value your time.

  2. We competently and clearly work with documentation, any information on each product, provides fast and affordable.

  3. Our staff is carefully selected and distributed to each type of work.

 4. We have modern cargo handling equipment, our warehouses for storage of agricultural products equipped with refrigeration units.

 5. System our security work smoothly, all our warehouses are under constant and watchful supervision.



We offer not only storage, but the entire cycle of transport and storage services starting to work from the moment of your first call.


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    Skype:   kumeyko62

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How to take fruits and vegetables for storage

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